The 2017 redesign for DoorDash's logged-out experience featured a rotating host of different restaurants and categories across 30+ markets. Having recently revamped our food photography style and with thousands of new photos in our arsenal, we emphasized mouthwatering dishes and our standout partners with full-screen splash photos.

The structure of the headline allowed for a few things: IP address recognition to provide relevant suggestions and real-time data, plus flexibility in messaging. As the concepts illustrate, we were able to adjust the framework for fun localized marketing promotions ("Halal Guys delivered to Central Park"), one-day promos ("steak dinners delivered for Father's Day") and featured partners ("Late Nite Meals delivered from Jack in the Box") with only a few quick copy changes and one photo selection.

The final site animated similarly the concept shown below, and always cycled through 3 different options: from a nationwide number ("44,000+ restaurants"), to city-level specificity ("2,382 L.A. restaurants") to a random suggested use case or category ("Game Day", "late night", etc).

Concept 1

Unused concept 2